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What services does IKEA offer?

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What services does IKEA offer?


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There are a wide range of services by IKEA - kitchen planning, interior design support, installation services, a sell-back service for items in good condition, various apps and many other helpful things - find a summary online at:

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They offer good services until you make a purchase. After they get your money, forget it! Customer service is inexistent. Once you commit to buying something, you can turn blue in the face and will never get help. For example, as I write this message, I'm still waiting on the phone to talk to someone about an issue. I'm on the phone because Chat is not available, nor there is an e-mail that you can send a question to; all communications come from "noreply" addresses... Although the site says "several options" placing a phone call is the ONLY option. It has been over 2 hours! (yes, TWO HOURS of listening to the same tune and the message about hanging out with the Ikea community) So, after having heard that countless times, I decided to connect with the community and find out if I'm the only one who finds this level of customer service disrespectful and abusive.


We’ve replied in full to one of your other comments in another thread, but please reach out to us on our official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts so we can look into your inquiry - without you having to wait on hold.

We look forward to hearing back.

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