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What is the reason for home delivery, or not?

I have been looking to order some more (lighting in this case) for home, my nearest store is 4 hours away and I am opting for home delivery.

What is the criteria IKEA is using to determine that this light is available and this one isn't? I notice it sometimes changes from one day to another suggesting stock level might be one of them.

Thank you.


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Thank you for being part of the community.

This is a good question... There are many factors influencing a delivery

First the stock of course, then depending on the size of your order this will decide on which transport mode will be used to send your order.

Then depending on the mode this will decide when we'll be able to send the order.

The distance is also important, being 4 hours away means we have very specific days of delivery in your area if you are eligible for delivery.


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