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Website & Phone sending me in circles.

I have 3 #HEMNES# bookcases (1 glass door and 2 normal) which have shelves that sometimes fall down because the supports aren't long enough. I went to order parts and found that there is a recall

On this webpage it says: "Do you want a spare parts kit? Just call 1-800-661-9807 and we will send it to you!"

So I called the number. Went through their menus and listened to someone read exactly what is written on the webpage to me. Then, at the end it says to visit the website to get the parts...

Obviously, we have a phone team that doesn't want responsibility and a web team that also doesn't want the responsibility.

How do I get my parts?

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Hej Jimmy,

Thanks so much for reaching out to us here about this. We sincerely apologize for the issues you’ve been facing while trying to place an order for these parts.

Please send us a direct message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so we can take a closer look.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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New Contributor

I also have a Malm dresser and have just been told about the product recall.   I want to return it and was also told that IKEA would pick it up.  However, I can't find any way or anyone to get in touch with about this.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


New Contributor III

if you click around on this page you should be able to get a number that will help you - All IKEA Product Recalls - IKEA CA

Thanks for asking! If you're MALM was purchased between January 2002 and June 2016, you should be eligible for a return. To confirm if it is, you can check the list on our website. Once confirmed, you can return your dresser in store or call us at 1-866-866-IKEA (4532) to book a pick-up. If you do choose to go in store, we suggest booking a return appointment on our website beforehand. However, please note that all dressers, both old and new, are safe when mounted to the wall. So, if you choose to keep your dresser, you can order a free mounting kit on our website. Hopefully this helps!

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@Jimmyjjj Not sure if you've tried this already but there's actually a section on the IKEA website to order spare parts! Here's the link if you want to give it a go.

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I was caught in that same loop, website says call, phone message says go to website. Rinse and repeat.
Frustrating. I ended up spending a very long time on the phone with customer service trying to order the "spare parts kit" only to find when it came, that they had only sent 1 single metal support, not the 8 you require to adequately fix the problem. Waste of postage, and my time. Will try to sort it out next time I am at the store, though I suspect that will mean rummaging through the odd parts bin myself to find what I need. Good luck! 

Hej! We're very sorry to hear about the back and forth you went through. You can also order the free mounting kit on our website through this link.

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I'm with you Jimmyjjj! It's INFURIATING! Customer service is inexistent. Once you commit to buying something, you can turn blue in the face and will never get help. For example, as I write this message, I'm still waiting on the phone to talk to someone about an issue. I'm on the phone because Chat is not available, nor there is an e-mail that you can send a question to; all communications come from "noreply" addresses... Although the site says "several options" placing a phone call is the ONLY option. It has been over 2 hours! (yes, TWO HOURS of listening to the same tune and the message about hanging out with the Ikea community) So, after having heard that countless times, I decided to connect with the community and find out if I'm the only one who finds this level of customer service disrespectful and abusive.


We’ve replied in full to one of your other comments in another thread, but please reach out to us on our official Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts so we can look into your inquiry - without you having to wait on hold.

We look forward to hearing back.

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