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Unavailable orders

Without a lie I have tried to order products from Ikea since fall 2021 and as of yet not been able to get my order.

Several of the products become available but not the complete set, or only part of the order.

Since I live 4 hours drive from any Ikea store, I try to have it all delivered at once. Makes sense to me!

The pick up spot is still 2 hours drive for me and has a $79 delivery charge, on top of the gas it cost me to get my order.

I don't understand why I cannot get my order all at once as it is easy enough to complete the order and pull aside products to fill the order and then letting me know when it will be shipped?

It makes no sense to me to have half of a wall unit shipped and not the drawers or vice versa.

Maybe this order will eventually get to me.

Sincerely, Tilly1

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Thanks so much for getting in touch with us about this. We sincerely apologize for the issues you’ve been facing while trying to place an order.

Unfortunately, we can only recommend ordering when products are available.

If you’d like to send us the article numbers of the products you’re interested in, how many you’d like, and also let us know which IKEA location is closest to you, we can also check in-store stock for availability.

Just let us know.

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New Contributor

Thank you for getting back to me and it makes total sense to order when the products are available.

That's the reason I did this every time, but they never seem to be available when it comes to shipping.

The stores have them sometimes but they don't want to deliver from the store it seems.

What is your next solution to have this issue go away and give service to a loyal customer.






Thanks for following up with us. Please let us know which IKEA locations you’d be able to visit in person so we can check in-store stock for you. It may be best to take a trip to visit us in person to purchase all of the items at once, if available.

We look forward to your reply.

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