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Traemand unresponsive and escalation to Ikea Customer service dies not provide resolution


I am hoping that the community can help me out here.

We purchased some kitchen cabinets with the understanding  that Traemand will do the installation for us.


However, several months after purchasing, Traemand has not contacted us for a quotation. Escalation to customer service is only providing assurances that Traemand will call back and despite multiple such reassurances, Traemand continues to ignore us.

At this point, I am not sure what to do to move this forward as self installation is not an option. 

Quite disappointed with Ikea and Traemand both.

Thank you for your suggestions.


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Contributor II

Not to throw shade at Traemand, as I've never used them personally, they do seem to be earning a bit of a reputation (at least in the US) for not dealing with things until people get real loud:

To be fair, I know the pandemic has turned a lot of things upsidep-down in the industry, and that may be a contributing factor, but that hardly seems like a reason for a lack of response. 

I have no idea how deep the integration is at this point, since Ingka bought Traemand, but it appears they're still being run separately, so I'm not sure that Ikea staff can do anything to help (but they can speak for themselves, I really don't know), other than also just poking Traemand, as you have.

What I can suggest is the possibility of looking for a third-party installer. There are lots of of other skilled Ikea kitchen builders, if Traemand doesn't want your business.