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TRADFRI with ceiling light on existing dimmer switch?

New Contributor

Question in short:

Do TRIDFRI smart bulbs work in fixtures attached to existing dimmer switch?


I purchased 4 TRIDFRI (604.897.52) bulbs for my bedroom and office because I LOVE the light the bulbs cast. My room looks significantly better with them compared to when I was using other comparable, soft white bulbs.

However, they don't dim perfectly on my dimmer switch. Reading more online, I see that "The bulb is not suitable to use with hardwired dimmers." This is a really important detail, since I assume that most people will see "dimmable" on the package as meaning that it can be used on a dimmer switch. I figured the smart features were in addition to that standard feature. Sigh... Perhaps 'not suitable' means that they don't dim correctly by just using the hardwire dimmers? Perhaps I just need to have the hardwire dimmer set to full power/lighting (or no power/lighting) and then use teh remote? Or perhaps there's another issue that would arise? 

I didn't purchase the Gateway hub or the remote when I bought the bulbs, because I wanted to first make sure I liked the lighting. Now I want to go back and purchase one of them. But I don't know if having the remote or hub will help me achieve my goal of having fully dimmable lighting in these rooms that have the hardwire dimmer. 



Hej Kate,

Thanks so much for getting in touch with us about this! We’re thrilled to hear that you’re happy with the light that our TRÅDFRI bulbs provide, even though we do understand that there are still some kinks to sort out with your setup.

Based on the information you gave, we believe that purchasing the recommended gateway and remote control will solve the issue, as that will circumvent the hardwired dimmer built into your room.

We hope this information helps and please let us know if this solves the issue!

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