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SOMMARFLOX placemat 205.494.37

Hi All! Bought these lovely flexible plastic placemats and I am having such a hard time getting the sticker off! Before I return, do any of you have any suggestions on how to remove them?

thank you!

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Hi  @JFW, thanks for asking. We're very sorry for the trouble! 

Sticker residue can be removed in several different ways. Please select the method that you feel would cause the least amount of damage to the surface of your product. 

- You can soak the product in soap and hot water solution. Then try to scrape the residue off with the dull edge of a knife. 

- Acetone or lighter fluid will often successfully dissolve adhesives. Be careful as they can also remove the surface finish of a product, such as lacquer or melamine. 

- The sticky side of a piece of tape can be used to pull the residue off the surface of a product. 

- Treat the area with mineral oil. After a few moments, wipe away the oil using a clean cloth. If the sticker residue is still present, use a pencil eraser to rub off the remaining sticker residue. 

- Ask your local hardware store to recommend a commercial adhesive-removing product that is non-toxic. Orange oil, for example, is very effective at removing the gummy residue from stickers. 

We hope that you will find these suggestions helpful. 

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