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Someone Used my Credit Card to Place a Fraudulent Order and Ikea does not care.

New Contributor

I noticed a charge on my account for Ikea Burlington that was not a charge I had placed. I have already cancelled my cards, disputed the claim, etc. I am on top of it. Ikea is one of the only successful charges I have to work with to report this person. I reached out and tried to get some information and the person I spoke to was absolutely no help.


I work in ecommerce and I know they can see order history and look up transaction ID's etc. This person didn't ask me for ANY information and told me to go to the store or to call the call center. Why would going to a retail store tell me information about an order placed online? Has anyone experienced this? What do I do since Ikea doesn't care?



Hej! I'm sorry to hear about this situation and apologize for how it was handled. I kindly ask that you reach out to us on Facebook (IKEA Canada) or Twitter (IKEACASupport or IKEACanada) with the following details:


  • The exact amount charged
  • The date of the transaction
  • The last 4 digits ONLY of your card
  • Your contact information
  • An image of your banking statement depicting the charge.


We will be able to help you with this once we receive the requested information. 

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