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Sofa bed

Hi, I've been waiting for this sofa bed for quite sometime now. I see 2 pieces of the one that I want to purchase (attached image) at the Etobicoke store but not available anywhere online. Why is it on display anyway in the store?

Is there a open box concept at Ikea? Will this be in stock anytime soon?





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Hej! That's a great question. We don't sell floor models if the product is temporarily out of stock but is still in production. The floor model is kept on display so that customers who visit our stores can see or touch the product. Only when a product is being discontinued or if a floor model has been damaged and needs to be replaced, will we sell one or all of our floor models. You will be able to find available floor models for sale in our AS-IS department. As for your other question, when you place an order for home delivery online, the goods are shipped from your local warehouse and not your local IKEA store so, the stock differs. We hope this helps!

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