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Smastad Hinges Help


we bought a used Smastad wardrobe/ pax system. It came with drawers and shelves. We wanted to add the Smastad doors 60cm to be added as well. 
we bought the hjalpa hinges. When putting them on we noticed that the screwed would not go in the bottom hole and are about 2 cm off. We then returned and bought the koplement hinges but do not work either 

the doors are not sitting flush against the frame and are not shutting probably. We have adjusted all 3 screws multiple times and it doesn’t work. 
we bought one like this years ago and the doors went on no problem with no adjustments 

we don’t live close to an ikea so it’s difficult to keep going back. Any advice? 



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Hej! Thank you for being part of the community. Kindly note that you should be using the HJÄLPA soft closing hinge to install the doors on your SMÅSTAD unit. Since you mentioned that the screw does not go inside the bottom hole, we recommend exchanging the doors, as there might be a defect with the alignment of the holes. Keep me posted if the issue persists after exchanging the doors! Tack!

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