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New Contributor

Sink overflow

what’s wrong with my overflow set up? 
my kids flood my floor couple days ago because they overfill bath sink. 
I checked the drain and everything looks good to me but water doesn’t go in to overflow until you open drain and then overflow begins to do the job. 
But when drain is closed it goes over and over and water doesn’t go to overflow for some reason. 
what’s wrong? 


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Thanks for reaching out with your question, Igor. We're truly sorry to hear about that and strongly recommend referring to a licensed professional. If you need assistance with replacing any items, feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or, Instagram.

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New Contributor

I just talked to plumber from our construction company and he confirmed that everything looks good and he is not sure why is that happening. 
I was thinking if maybe someone else having the same issue.