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Seeking help with Product Identification

New Contributor

Hey guys, I need help in identifying the shelves of my kitchen cabinets. 


One of the cabinets doesn't have any shelf and it looks like the mesurements should be 35cm depth 40cm width. Also, the Besta system look very alike, but I'm not sure if it's the same and can't see the measurements I required in the website neither. 


Please see pictures for reference. I'm also attaching pictures of the cabinet that has shelves, but those have the same depth, but diffferent width. PXL_20220329_192557977.jpgPXL_20220329_192605513.jpgPXL_20220329_192747831.jpg


Contributor II

So, I have bad news. But after that, some good news!


First the bad:

Back in 2015 Ikea discontinued the older AKURUM kitchen system, and replaced it with the current SEKTION system.

It looks like your kitchen was built before 2015, because those are AKURUM cabinets - you can tell because yours only have a single front line of holes, compared to the double lines of holes on SEKTION:


Sadly, although the newer shelves made for SEKTION can physically fit in your cabinets, the rear peg holes would not line up.


But never fear! I have a solution!

Head down to your local Home Depot and find something like this: and some of these: 

Then head to the panel saw in the back corner of the store with your board and measurements, and you can ask an associate to cut your shelves to size.


It won't be quite stock-looking - these Home Depot shelves won't have the nice recessed/hidden pegs of the originals, and the white colour may not be identical (you can bring one of your existing shelves to the Home Depot to try and and colour-match though!) -  but they'll be close enough that you probably won't notice after a few days.