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SE H1BT5I - Where to mount the drawers

New Contributor


I bought a tall cabinet 90x30x15 : SE H1BT5I 

In the maximera instructions, my configuration is not shown so I dont know where to mount each drawers. Is there something I am missing ?? 




Hej! Thank you for being part of the community. Note that you will need to view your kitchen design in order to find out where exactly you need to mount each drawer. The assembly guide of each product is to serve you as guidance on how to assemble them. If there's anything else, don't hesitate to ask. Tack!

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My cabinet is this one, where we can see 5 drawers, but in the maximera instruction, there is only this configuration as shown below. We can see that all drawers are not at the same height as my configuration. This is why I'm at a lost to know where I am suppose to mount them so there is no conflict with the door and etc. 




Thanks for following up! This unit is highly customizable, so we’d recommend putting the drawers and shelves in as you’d like, as none of these components should obstruct the door’s functionality.

We hope this helps to clarify.

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