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Replacement parts for DOCKSTA table





I need some replacement screws for the DOCKSTA (Table).

I’ve searched the part numbers in the “replacement part” section of the ikea website but they don’t seem to be available. 

im wondering if there’s any way to get a hold

of these screws. I have a perfectly good table but the top keeps coming off because it’s not screwed in any more. 

parts needed:

100181 (x6)

100850 (x6)


thanks in advance for any help!!

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Hej IkeALEX (very clever!), We're sorry you weren't able to use our spare parts tool to order the hardware you need. No worries though, just send us a private message with the part numbers, quantities, and your contact information (first and last name, full mailing address, phone number, and, email address) on one of our other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or, Twitter (IKEACanada, IKEACASupport) and one of our coworkers will be more than happy to place the order for you. We hope this helps!

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