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Replacement covers for EKTORP 3-seat sofa

New Contributor

Hello, I am searching for EKTORP beige 3-seat sofa covers online.  My current sofa cover is item # 503.217.01.  I see very similar covers numbered 903.217.04 on offer but I am hesitant to buy - are these two IKEA numbers one and the same?  Anyone know the difference?  Thank you!




Thanks so much for reaching out about this. Unfortunately, our EKTORP line has been discontinued and none of our current sofa covers fit the old units.

If you’re looking for a replacement, we’d recommend reaching out to BEMZ, who make sofa covers for discontinued IKEA sofas. Here’s their contact information:

We hope this information helps.

Contributor II

Although I know Ikea has a relationship with BEMZ (and I've heard nothing but good things about them), there are several other companies that also make replacement covers. I previously used one called Comfort Works, which I talk a bit about in my post elsewhere in this community: 

Great suggestion!

You're putting me on to something new. Thanks for the post @smnc!

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