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Raskog cart dimensions not matching the box

I bought an sealed in-the-box Raskog cart secondhand. The dimensions on the outside of the box are listed as 13 3/4 × 17 3/4 × 30 x 3/4. When I pull out the top rack to start assembly, I check to see if my Instant Pot fits. It doesn't, because it only measures 12 x 16"!

Is this a known discrepancy? I can't return since I didn't originally purchase (because its been out of stock) but I'm trying to make sense of it! How can zero reviews on the product mention this? Can't find anything on Google either.



It also isn't the dimensions of the box, because it doesn't match that either.

Confused. Has anyone else had this experience?

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New Contributor

Ugh, I figured it out and can't figure out how to delete my question. It must be the measurement of the bars on the bottom of the cart. So useless to not give dimensions of the racks!

Hej, Thanks for letting us know. We apologize for the confusion. If you're OK with it, it could be helpful to others if your question stays since you found the answer. 

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