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Planning to buy all furniture for 3bed home in 1 week- Transporting/Delivery, Cost saving ideas

Im a newcomer to Canada, planning to buy lot of furniture in next 1 week for my 3 bed home. Need help to understand the following….

  • Can I buy all items from IKEA and will they be able to deliver all these furniture in one trip? If yes – does any body have idea around pricing. I checked home delivery option for $59, but will that be for all the items in one go or $59 for each item.
  • Is it wise to buy all furniture at the same time or should I sequentially buy items slowly? My idea is to save some money, which every way helps me save money I will go with that option.
  • If there any other service provider who can fulfill my requirement? Please give recommendations.

Thanks for your time – you guys have great day!


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Hej Hashem,

Thanks so much for reaching out! We’re really happy you’re looking at IKEA for furnishing your home - we’re so happy to be a part of that process with you!

We’ll just chip in to answer your first question - our delivery rates are all flat-rate. So whichever rate is given for your area (in this case, you mentioned $59) will be the entire cost of your delivery, even if you order many items.

We hope this clarifies!

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