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Parcel Delivery Inquiry

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has ordered any parcel delivery recently, could you share your experience on how long the delivery took compared to the estimated date?

I’m located in the Toronto area and am debating if I should get parcel delivery or pick up the items. I’ve heard that there were long delays previously due to the pandemic but am wondering if the delivery timeline situation is better now.


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I did!
Just a couple of weeks ago I ordered a few odds and ends (a AXFRYLE (Body pillow) & NONNEA (Pillowcase for body pillow), a SALVIKEN (Bath sheet), and a LILLVIKEN (Sink strainer with stopper)) for a parcel delivery because it just wasn't worth going into the city for.

I ordered at midnight on the 25th


And it arrived just over 36 hours later:


So, pretty darn fast in my case. 100% would do it again.

But obviously, YMMV


Hej there,

We’ve been seeing consistent and fast parcel delivery times as of recent - with most orders arriving within 5 days of being submitted through our website. Aside from unique circumstances, this is the timeframe you can expect if you’re looking to order.

We hope this helps to clarify.

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