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Online order issue with multiple items delivery

I was trying to order 8 items for my kitchen cabinet. It was failing repeatedly with an error message like "Items not available. Can't be delivered" even though each of the items always showing up "Amiable for Delivery at my address". I had to split my order in 3 parts and had to place 3 orders. I had to pay delivery charges 3 times which did not make sense to me. Anyone had the issue? How to get the extra delivery charges refunded?

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Thanks for reaching out! We sincerely apologize for the issues you’ve been facing while trying to get an order placed through our website.

Please note that we’re currently facing ongoing manufacturing and shipping delays, which may impact product availability. If you cannot place your order in one shot, we’d recommend waiting for all of the items to come in stock before placing your order.

Unfortunately, we regret to add that we cannot refund multiple shipping fees for multiple orders placed.

Please let us know if you ever have any additional questions.

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