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NYHAMN Sofa bed backrest not aligned.


I was trying to assemble NYHAMN sofa bed. I am stuck at step 8 where it asks to insert the click mechanism to the backrest. The right side is perfectly aligned and I was able to screw it. But the left side is slighly misaligned and I'm not able to screw it. Pleased check the photo for reference. I have already disassembled and reassembled. 

Left side : not aligned. 


 right side : aligned 


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New Contributor

UPDATE : I tried to put the left leg to right leg but same issue at right side. So it seems like the issue is with the one of the legs. Any idea how can I fix it? 

Hej Sarvesh,

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. We cannot apologize enough for this issue.

We’d recommend sending us a video of the issue on either Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so we can get a better look.

We look forward to hearing back.

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