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Missing a small part? Here’s why it’s not the end of the world

Don’t toss your manual into the fire just yet. If you’re missing a small part, we’ve got you covered.


We get a lot of questions about missing parts, like this one from @JacobL. JacobL hasn’t received a part of his bed frame, and he’s not sure what to do next.

@JacobL, we know exactly what you should try: our spare parts service. We can deliver any small parts right to your apartment. And for free!

So that’s JacobL's (and many others) solution sorted in theory. But we totally understand that if you don’t have everything you need to use the service, it can feel overwhelming. And we absolutely don’t want that.

So we’ve broken it down into a few questions you might have.


“How do I use IKEA’s spare parts service?”

You can find our spare part finder for small parts right here on IKEA’s website.

To get your missing small part, pop its part number into the search bar that looks like this:


From there, tell us how many you need and click order.

We don’t ask questions. So whether your 14 screws never came, or you dropped every single one of them down the back of the sofa last night, there’s no judgement on our end. Promise.


“What’s a part number?”

Great question.

Each IKEA part has a unique number that makes it easy to identify. You’ll find that number next to its image in your product assembly manual.



“I don’t have my manual!”

Serial manual binners, we see you and we understand you. So for you, we’ve made sure part numbers can be found online, too.

Pull up your product on So, for @JacobL, this will mean pulling up the web page for the TARVA (Bed frame).

Now click ‘product details’ > ‘assembly documents’ > ‘assembly instructions.’ You’ll find your part number in there.



“I don’t know the name of my product”

That’s alright. In fact, you’re in for a treat, because now you can use IKEA’s image search tool.

When you go to, click the camera icon to the right of the search bar. It’ll look like this: 


Next, upload a photo of your product, and we’ll tell you what it is!


Psst. Hej, the image search tool is a massive help if you’re looking for products, comparisons, and even furniture inspiration. If you want to learn more about how it works, have a quick look here.

Once you know the product name, just follow the step above to find the part number you need.


“Please, please don’t make me go online”

Understandable. Relatable. Say no more.

If you want to get your hands on some spare small parts without spending a single second waiting for a web page to load, head into your local IKEA store.

When you get there, make sure you go to the customer service section (which will be by the store’s exit), not the main check-out. It’s that simple!


Hope this makes things clear!

If you’re still stuck, why not start a live chat on our website?

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