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Matching a Malskytt desk top with a Rodulf sit/stand desk?

New Contributor

I'd like to buy the base for a Rodulf sit/stand desk underframe and pair it with the desk top Malskytt. It seems like the dimensions will line up (20 cm difference but the underframe doesn't actually go that whole depth), but will they assemble together? Will there be any issue of combining them? 




Hej! Great question,  @lcreinsb. We only recommend using our RODULF (Underframe sit/stand f table top) with our RODULF (Tabletop). By using any other tabletop, you would be voiding the item's 10-year warranty.

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Thanks for your reply. Aside from the issue of the warranty, do this table top and this underframe connect together? Are they compatible? 

Since we have not tested the compatibility of the RODULF underframe with the MÅLSKYTT tabletop, we cannot confirm if they will work well together. You can always purchase the tabletop to try. We have a 365 days return policy, so you'll have sufficient time to return the tabletop if it doesn't work out. Tack!

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