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Let’s talk about stock availability

Stock not being available has been a hot topic in our community so we want to explain to @Neh01 , @mooredb , @Ajones and anyone else that’s had questions, what’s going on with stock. 

Various global events from the pandemic to the war in Ukraine have impacted the steady supply of stock you’d expect from retailers, including us at IKEA. In some cases materials have been harder to get hold of and in others transportation has taken longer but the end result is things have been a little unpredictable. 

No matter if you’re waiting for a small part or a whole piece of furniture, we realize how frustrating that must be if it’s holding your project back so we’ve put together some tips to help. 

Take stock - in every sense! 

Is there a different colour, finish, material or size available that could work in your space? Alternatively, look for items that are similar but not affected by stock issues. You can browse related products on each product page or search items by size, colour, price and more.


Check regularly  

New furniture and items arrive all the time so check back on our site regularly so you won’t miss out when your item is available again. 

You’ll be able to see if something is available, low in stock, or out of stock using our colour coding system! 


Go the extra mile (or two) 

Check store availability and delivery options. Sometimes, items unavailable in stores are available for delivery. That’s because when you place an order online, we source your items from distribution centres, not stores. 

Still no luck? Try your second closest store. Regional trends and demands mean different stores stock different items!  

Sign up to our stock availability service  

Sign up for back-in-stock notifications and we’ll send you an email or text message as soon as the product you’ve got your eye on is available again. We try really hard to let you know what’s happening with that product within 45 days!  

To sign up, go to the item’s product page on our site and click ‘notify me.’  

Take big deep breaths 
Sometimes it's just a matter of waiting. Please know we’re working as hard as we can to get any stock issues resolved as quickly as we can.  Sometimes things are out of stock because we’re working on making them more sustainable, too. So when they’re back, they’ll be better than ever. 

The pics below show how you can keep checking while you wait ❤️ 



Ask the community 

If you feel like you’ve tried all of the above, bring your stock question to the IKEA Community. Everyone here wants to help. 

Try again 

If you’re missing a part and that’s not in stock, you can always take advantage of our generous 365 day return policy and get a whole new item. 

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