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Leaning bookshelf

I have an old 4x4 EXPEDIT bookshelf (not a KALLAX, but similar) and I recently installed the door inserts in about half of the spaces. All of them have a gap on the top left and the doors touch the top on the right side. I noticed that when I pushed the side of the bookshelf towards the right, the gap disappears and the door is parallel with the cube shelf. Is there any trick I could do to push the shelf at the top a smidge to the right to make the bookshelf straight again? In order to make the doors fit I had to lower them so they could open/close properly, but it's still looking crooked. I have a similar problem with 2 BILLY bookshelves (31" and 15") that were placed next to each other but one is leaning so there's a huge pie-shaped gap between them from the floor to the top. 😞

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Since you're able to correct the situation by pushing the bookshelf towards the right, I would suggest checking if all the hardware is properly tightened.

If so, then maybe your floor is not leveled. You can correct this by adding a spacer under the bookshelf.

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