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Krashaj 24 piece cutlery set

Hi, I am Patrina and just today I purchased 2 cutlery sets from Ikea Burlington location.  It is called Krashaj.  I went online to see if I could purchase additional pieces or serving pieces only to find no listing under that name. I tried to enter the product number off the back of the box and it filled out the rest of the number for me but there is no such product listed.  Colour me confused. There were dozens of sets there, but no listing of the product. Why would that be? KRÅSHAJ (24-piece flatware set)  

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This is a great question,  @Patrina. Our KRÅSHAJ (24-piece flatware set) is actually in the process of being discontinued. This means that the item could be removed from our website and our IKEA stores will sell their stock while supplies last. We hope this helps clarify. 

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