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komplement (75x35cm) (white) out of stock. Have been waiting for 16 months what do I do?

New Contributor

Where are the people from who are posting reviews on this product?  Many reviews are from 2022 a lot have been in the month of September 2022 and October 2022.  I have been waiting since July of 2021 for this product and it has not come in.  I am signed up for notifications and keep signing up for them in every Ikea store across ON.  Still nothing.  This is extremely frustrating.  I have the PAX closet system purchased from 2021 and still waiting for drawers.  How is it that no one knows approximate time frame of when the product will be made/shipped to any ON store?  This all leads me to believe I will be stuck with a PAX wardrobe system that I can't return because it was purchased in July of 2021 and can't install because Ikea can't fulfil the entirety of the pieces to complete it.  Any suggestions or help would be extremely appreciated.  Is this product discontinued and they aren't telling me?



Hej  @louie77, Thanks for reaching out. We’re currently experiencing supply issues with many of our products including this  KOMPLEMENT (Shelf). Our stores across the country are slowly replenishing their inventories, including our distribution warehouse (online orders). At this time, we can only invite you to check our stock inventories later to allow them to be restocked in the meantime. As much as we would like to assist you, there is no way to obtain an item if it is not in stock. Once our inventories are replenished, the items that were temporarily out of stock will be available for purchase again. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued patience.

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