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Kitchen Planning Tool on Chromebook

Does anyone have any insight on how to use the planning tool on a chromebook? I have been using it for years and designed dozens of kitchens on my MacBook, but have switched to a Chromebook now and it will not open the kitchen planner.  Continually gives me an error message. HELP!! My MacBook is dead and I do not want to purchase another computer just for kitchen designs.

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Hej! Thanks for joining the community. There are certain requirements to meet before being able to launch the planner. We recommend double-checking these system requirements before splurging on a new computer! Hopefully this helps. 

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Contributor II

Sadly, the planning tool is relies on components built-in to Windows and MacOS to work.

There's simply no practical way to make it work on ChromeOS devices ☹️

Thank you for your response to my question.  I will stop trying to make a go of it on my Chromebook, and just go back to my Macbook for mt designs for now then.