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Kitchen design is missing

my kitchen designs are missing without noticing!!! 7 months before I had placed orders with my kitchen designs.  the items on the order were only 50% in-store, caused by a supply chain issue when I pick up.

Today I want to place another order for the leftover 50% of the items, my kitchen's designs are gone from my account. The design should be saved for 1 year!!!!!!!!

I have to return the items which had bought 7 M ago, for I forgot which items are in designs, no designs, no items, no orders.

It is sad, I am very disappointed with IKEA's service on this issue 😤

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Hej  @lnzhang! Thanks for reaching out and letting us know. We're very sorry to hear that. We've responded to your inquiry in this previous post. We hope this helps.

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