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Kitchen cabinets

Hi there, there are shortages with the kitchen cabinets that I need. Does anyone know if different doors fit different cabinets (ex ENHET doors on SEKTION, etc ); is the same hinge used for all cabinet doors, are they interchangeable? 

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Hej there,

Thanks for reaching out! To judge whether different doors fit specific cabinets, we’d recommend comparing the product measurements, as the hinges are usually placed at a spot of your choosing on the door. Furthermore, the hinges will be interchangeable (unless a specific door requires a specific hinge).

If you’d like us to confirm for you, please send us the article number of the door and cabinet you’d like to pair.

We hope this information helps.

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I have this same wondering as well. I am working in the kitchen planner designing our kitchen, however, due to an odd size corner, the corner base SEKTION doesn't fit.  94d42765c7bfb761c2c1fdbf0a5f3208.png

I'm working with AXSTAD doors, and wondering if the ENHET base corner Article Number 005.193.18 cabinet that is smaller can also have a matching AXTAD door? Or, will the gray match that of any gray doors for the SEKTION?


Thanks for reaching out! We’re sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been facing.

It regrettably seems like both of those options won’t work. Unfortunately, the ENHET gray colour won’t match with anything SEKTION, as the SEKTION comes in different gray variants (dark gray and bodbyn gray) that are slightly different from the ENHET.

It also looks like the ENHET corner base cabinet is only compatible with ENHET doors, and not AXSTAD ones, as this cabinet has a non-standard design.

We regrettably can only recommend looking for another solution for the corner, such as maybe a shelf unit or table of some kind that will allow for storage underneath and also above.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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