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ISO Myllra changing table

New Contributor

Hi all, I registered for the Myllra crib and change table for my baby shower registry  but was only able to get my hand on the crib while visiting another province before both the crib and change table suddenly went discontinued without any warning? 

I’m very frustrated that the product wasn’t listed as “last chance” as most soon to be discontinued items usually are, it was just removed from my shopping cart and now no longer exists on the website and now I have no idea where to look to try and even find it used or as a return (it’s not on circular hub either) 

if anyone knows of a returned/new/used one in Ontario please let me know… I wouldn’t of spent $500 on a crib if I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get the set 😞  



Hej  @CColleen98! We apologize for the late reply. It does look like our MYLLRA (Changing table with drawers) is still available in some IKEA stores, which is why it wasn't added to our last chance products. The reason it was removed from our website is that this item is being discontinued next year and we do not have any restocking dates for most of our IKEA stores. We do see some in our IKEA Ottawa, and, Etobicoke (on Sunday) stores. We hope this helps and we apologize for the trouble. 

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