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Is there something wrong with the HÄRLANDA sofabed I just assembled?

New Contributor

I just spent the past day putting together a HÄRLANDA 3-seat sofabed. I haven't yet put in the smaller back cushions because they haven't yet had 72 hrs to "inflate", but when I put the bottom seat cushions into place, it doesn't look very good. The two cushions don't really eachother in appearance and I have triple-checked that I installed the covers the right way. Worse, when I sit down on the sofabed part, I sink right down, practically to the floor. This doesn't happen at all with the single-seat unit bolted beside it - the single-seater is normal. and doesn't sink. But the sofabed section sinks several inches lower. Did I install something incorrectly? Or is this how the sofa is supposed to operate? Would appreciate any advice.



Hej! Thank you for being part of the community. The issue you are facing with your HÄRLANDA sofabed is unusual. There must have been an assembly step that was overlooked or not done accurately. I strongly recommend that you go through the assembly steps from the start. Should the issue persist, you can always have the product exchanged at the Returns & Exchanges counter of your local IKEA store. If you had opted for our home delivery service, you can contact us by phone at 1-866-866-IKEA (4532) or write to us on Facebook (IKEA Canada) or Twitter (IKEACASupport/IKEACanada) for assistance with setting up the exchange. Tack!