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Hood Fan Knob

After hours and hours of phone calls and an online chat with a CSR we are still no closer to replacing a knob for our #Ömsinnad hood fan. This is a single knob that operates the fan and the lights. The first time it broke was less than 3 months into usage and we called the IKEA Electrolux Customer service which at the time was located in the US and had it replaced. We asked for 2 as clearly this is a design flaw.

The knob is made out of plastic, so of course it broke again and again.

We called IKEA Electrolux customer service (now in the Phillipines) twice after being on the phone for almost 2 hours both times and each time we were disconnected. The second time they had all the information they needed to replace the knob. No one contacted us.

We contacted IKEA three times to let them know what was happening, each time told just to call IKEA Electrolux again.

We live out if town, so the next time we were in Vancouver, we had to return an item to IKEA and for a lark we went to look at this fan because we were certain  that the display model would be missing its knob. Yes, missing.

We can't leave feedback on this product for some reason and are super frustrated now.

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