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Hemnes night tables

New Contributor

I purchased two Hemnes 2 drawer (802-426-27) night tables. They were and are great. After a short time we decided we needed the 3 drawer version (104-834-70). I purchased two of these. Everything is fine, however the drawers on the 3 drawer units only open half way compared to the 2 drawer units. I have confirmed the assembly and it is correct. I have more accessible storage with the 2 drawer units. I have purchased numerous Ikea items in the past and never seen anything like this before. 



Hej, Thanks for letting us know. That's very odd. Would you be able to post a picture of the issue here so we can take a closer look?

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please see my return email (with pics).

Still have not heard back from you.20220626_082006.jpg




max openingmax opening


Thanks so much for following up. Would you be able to remove the top two drawers and watch the bottom drawer slide in and out so you can see what’s stopping it from extending all the way?

Please let us know.


New Contributor

What is stopping all three drawers are the length of travel of the drawer slides (or tracks). See the supplied pictures that I supplied. The tracks on my two drawer Ikea units are the full depth of the drawer. I suggest that the wrong tracks were supplied with both my three drawer units.


Thank you for writing back. It may be possible that the wrong tracks were supplied to you. For further assistance in the matter, you can visit us in-store with your sales receipt or contact us at 1-866-866-IKEA (4532). Should you decide to contact us by phone, we ask that you have your sales receipt in hand. Tack!