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HEMNES Bookcase Glass Doors?

Does anyone know if IKEA sells glass doors that can be used on a HEMNES Bookcase? I know the older models had large glass doors, but IKEA no longer makes / supports those. I'm curious if anyone knows of a spot to order glass doors for the HEMNES bookcase, or if anyone has successfully tried using the BILLY / OXBERG doors on a HEMNES bookcase.

Please let me know! Thanks.

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Hej, Thanks for joining the community! That's a great question. We do have #HEMNES (Bookcases) that come with glass doors but those doors are not sold separately, unfortunately. We'd also like to mention that we do not recommend using an IKEA product outside the range of uses we’ve safety-tested. If you modify an IKEA product you can increase the risk of injury or property damage, and invalidate the warranty. We hope this helps answer your question!

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New Contributor

I have the same question. I have the hemnes bookshelf with the glass door and drawers. Now I only want the glass door for another hemnes bookshelf. Unfortunately, it is unavailable. Very disappointed.