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Haugsvär mattress - correct orientation?

I recently purchased the Haugsvär mattress ( in queen size, medium firm.

I noticed in the product details it states "Designed to be used on one side only – no need to turn." And someone in the reviews wrote "Note. Tag goes to the foot of the bed!"

However, there are two tags on the mattress: one which is the manufacturer's label, and another which is the product label as shown in the first two photos on the product page. The tags are on opposite ends of the mattress. Which side is supposed to be the bottom of the bed?

The mattress looks identical on both ends so I'm not actually sure it matters, but because of what it said in the product details I wanted to be sure. Thanks!

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Hej! That's a great question. It would be best if you were "installing" your mattress as depicted on the product's web page for back support. The product label (HAUGSVÄR) should be seen on the top right and not on the bottom left. Tack!

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Thank you for your response! Just to clarify... When I am looking at my mattress (standing from the foot of the bed), the only options are for the product label ("HAUGSVÄR") to be on the top LEFT or bottom RIGHT. Or did you mean "top right" if you are lying down on the mattress? Which would be the opposite of what's in the product images... Thanks again and sorry for the confusion.

No worries! These kinds of things are always hard to describe over text! If you are standing at the footboard looking up at the bed, you should see the HAUGSVÄR label on the right side of the bed end closest to you, against the right side of the footboard.

We hope this clarifies!

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