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Grillskar doors

Last summer I renovated my deck, I chose grillskar for a kitchen area.  Early in the season I looked online and could buy the cabinets and the doors for them. Late in the season, when I went to purchase, I could buy the cabinets but not the doors.  They had actually disappeared from the Canadian store, not just a stock issue. I looked again this spring, the US store shows them as a best seller but they still don’t even appear on the Canadian store. Does anyone know if these might be available in Canada again? Or maybe even why they aren’t sold here?

love them, wish I had doors! 

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Thank you for reaching out to us . We apologize for the inconvenience it might cause but unfortunately, we no longer sell the doors  anymore as it seems discontinued.  However , we welcome you to explore our other  options. Also, please don't hesitate to PM us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook  if you have any further questions. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

That would be very unfortunate if this really is the case. Before I purchased my two GRILLSKAR tables last summer, I wanted to ensure the doors would be available again before buying so I chatted with a Customer Service rep on July 24th who said: "They are a seasonal item but it's not scheduled to be discontinued, so it will be back."

Do you have an official confirmation that these are now discontinued in Canada?

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Hi Nadine

this doesn't add any more information that i stated in the question.

it appears discontinued in Canada, but not discontinued everywhere since it is a best seller in the US only a couple hours from here.  Is there any change it will be offered here in Canada again? can you shed any light on why it would be discontinued in one country and offered and a best seller in another?

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I was planning on buying these units as well but was waiting on the doors.  I hope they bring them back!

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Hey Everyone, it looks like they are back!! this is a picture from the calgary store. I got 2 sets. now I just need to get them to Edmonton!!

GrillSkar_They're Back.jpg