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GODMORGON drain leaking

I bought a GODMORGON / ODENSVIK (Bathroom vanity) vanity and when I empty the sink the drain leaks a lot. If I use the sink with no plug it does not leak. The leak is coming from the other overflow drain connection. It should be sealed, but there is a hole in the top half of the connection. How can I get a replacement **bleep**/drain? I tried the replacement part search and it's not available.

This is a link to the assembly instructions for the drain.


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Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been facing with this product.

Please contact us by phone (1-866-866-4532) or via DM through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter so we can take a closer look into any after-sales resolutions. Of course, you can also bring the item back in-store.

We hope this information helps.

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