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Exchanging one out of 2 boxes (does it work)

Hi, I got a HEMNES (Bookcase) bookshelf for Christmas and the item comes in 2 boxes. When I opened the smaller of the boxes, I discovered a board was already partially busted so I want to exchange it. But do I have to drag both boxes back to Ikea or can I just exchange the one out of 2? The second box is quite large and I don't want to have to transport it around if I don't have to. The busted board only came from box number one (product number is 503.817.52).

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No, you do not have to bring back the 2nd box if everything is fine with it. As you said it's big and heavy so it's useless to carry it for nothing.

Even in box #1, you can only bring the damaged pieces, so there's not need to bring the entire box #1 with the pieces that are correct ready to be assembled.


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