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Enhet bathroom cabinet install

I’m struggling with mounting product 705.153.07 enhet bathroom drawer cabinet to my wall.

The issue is that my drain and my supply lines stick out right where I want the back plate to be. If it’s rested on top, my sink height ends up at around 39", and I’m short.

Is it safe or recommend to cut holes in the back plate to accommodate plumbing? The board seems structural so I’m hesitant. 

open to most solutions but I don’t think I should have to hire someone. 


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Thank you for being part of the community.

IKEA will never recommend our customers to modify our products. By doing it, you will loose any warranty on the article. In your case this will highly affect the steadiness of the cabinet.

The ideal solution would be to modify the plumbing or maybe install the cabinet in recessed from the wall. 


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