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Drawer sliders

New Contributor

One of the two drawer sliders managed to lose its ball bearings and I am having trouble reassembling it. I noticed the slider has a part number, TSSE 34387, but it doesn't appear to be a part IKEA sells. 

Does anyone know how to reassemble the slider and its two (top & bottom) black ball-bearing holders, each having six bearings? Or how to buy this part?

Thanks in advance



Hej! Thanks for the great question. Would you be able to share the article number of the item and a screenshot of the hardware you're referring to? 

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New Contributor

Sorry... the hanging folder cupboard belongs to my neighbour and I was doing him a favour by trying to fix it. I ended up removing the two tabs at the end of the slider in order to be able to insert the black plastic ball bearing holder. I drilled a couple of holes & inserted self-tapping screws to replace the removed tabs, which stops the bearing holder from coming out. So, job done and neighbour very happy!

We're so glad to hear, Andy! Please don't hesitate to let us know if we can ever look into anything else for you.