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Drawer front out of stock since May

New Contributor


 I ordered a full kitchen in may 2022 and I actually recieved everything but 3 items within 2-3 weeks. 
I’ve been waiting for the vedhamn 36x10 drawer fronts since may and no one can tell me exactly why it is still out of stock while all other side drawer fronts have been in stock for awhile. I don’t believe it’s covid related otherwise it would affect the other size drawer fronts

 Can anyone tell me why it’s out of stock or if anyone’s experienced waiting almost 4 months for it?



Hej! Thank you for being part of the community. To assist you with your enquiry, I kindly ask that you respond to this thread with the article number of the product in question. Once I receive this information, I will be able to verify if we plan on restocking our inventories for this item anytime soon. Tack!

The article number is 805.051.81

It looks like we will be replenishing the VEDHAMN drawer front (article number: 805.051.81); however, there's no visible ETA on our end. You can sign up for the stock check tool to be notified when the product will be back in stock at your selected IKEA store. Tack!