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Does the Hemnes daybed fit a standard 38x75 inch twin mattress?


I already have 2 standard (38x75) twin mattresses. They are 10 inches thick. Will they fit in the hemnes daybed? The ikea mattresses are just under 75 inches long. 
I know they will be too tall when stacked so I will store the second mattress, just need to be sure they will fit in the daybed side by side when it’s extended. 

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Thanks so much for getting in touch with us! In response to your question, we wouldn’t recommend trying to use any mattress larger than the dimensions recommended for this product. Here are the recommended measurements:

Mattress length: 74 1/2 " (189 cm)

Mattress width: 38 1/4 " (97 cm)

We hope this information helps.

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