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Disappear of gift card QR code at email

New Contributor

I got items at store today and went to checkout. However when I open the email to use my gift cards, the QR code cannot show and I am not able to use the gift cards. 

I checked the balance by entering the Gift Cards and PIN, they are still valid. But, the checkout machine only support scanning QR code only. Hence, I could only drop my items and wasted my time to the store planning to use the gift cards.

Being in the IT field, I suspect it should be due to the QR image generated by third party system is missing in server.  



Hej  @wykstenly, Thanks for reaching out and letting us know. We're very sorry to hear that. Please call us (1-866-866-IKEA (4532)) or reach out to us on one of our Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) so we can take a closer look for you. 

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