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Delivery and scheduling issues

Has anyone else had issues with deliveries where they've had to reschedule multiple times?

We ordered kitchen cabinets and set a delivery date for Oct 12. The same day I got an email saying that some of the items weren't available and that we had to reschedule ( I was since told by the delivery company that their truck had gone to pick up the order, but it wasn't ready - Ikea's responsibility).

We have since rescheduled five (5) times and each time there has been a problem.  Mostly because Ikea never notified the delivery company (GoBolt) about the delivery, and at least once because Ikea put a hold on our order because we hadn't paid for some items that were on a reserve list (!?) 

We were scheduled for today (Oct 19), and I called to make sure that it was happening, and was told by customer service that there was an issue with the order and was put through to someone in after-sales.  Supposedly the issue was then resolved, and I was assured that the delivery was taking place as scheduled.

Just to make sure, my wife called a few hours later to check that the delivery was taking place, and was told that the delivery company hadn't scheduled us for today!

We have tried asking to talk to a manager and have been told that "we don't really have a manager."  Go figure.

Now we're scheduled for Oct 22.

I wonder if any one else has had a similar experience, and what you did to get out of the endless cycle of re-schedules and non-deliveries?  

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Hej  @rg, Thanks for reaching out with your question. We apologize for the trouble but are happy to hear that you were able to obtain a new delivery date. Additionally, we'd like to inform you that we do have managers on hand that are ready to help if needed. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us on one of our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, or, Instagram).

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