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Hi, I'm trying to put together some cabinets/bookshelves around my fireplace. I saw article # 992.810.44 combined with #592.287.46 but my ceilings are only 9 ft tall (so looking for something 8.5 feet tall). Anyone have any recommendations??

IDASEN sit/stand desk motor

Help! I have the IDASEN sit/stand desk with the electric motor - every time I change positions the desk starts going the way I want it to, then 2 seconds later goes the reverse direction. This happens if I'm putting it up or down and happens 85% of t...

MC by Visitor
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Will Finnala Ottoman come back

I'd like to know if Ikea plan to bring back the ottoman for the Finnala couch. This will influence which pieces I buy now - or if I buy it at all. When in store, a staff person told me they would come back, but online I couldn't find anything to conf...

epicher by New Contributor
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Resolved! Low Emissions Parking

Hi all, Are hybrids allowed to park in the low emission spot, or is it for plug in hybrids and EVs only?

Icccccc by New Contributor
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NACKANÄS chairs in Canada

Hello everyone,The NACKANÄS line chairs (that complement the NACKANÄS dining tables) have disappeared from the online Canadian Ikea store. They are still showing on the American store (https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/nackanaes-chair-acacia-70518061/)Doe...

Candy by New Contributor
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