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Correct wall mounts for RIBBA and KNOPPÄNG frames

New Contributor

I recently bought a RIBBA picture frame and a pair of KNOPPÄNG frames that I now want to mount on my wall. However, I don't know what are the proper wall hooks or mounts to use for these frames.

The walls the pictures will be mounted on are drywall.



Hej Joel,

Great question! There are many options to mount picture frames like these to the wall. We’d recommend opting in for our FIXA picture hook set (901.692.78). It comes with all of the hardware needed to mount picture frames to your walls (including drywall).

We hope this helps!

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New Contributor

I just got a FIXA picture hook set. However I still can't tell how to use it to mount my frames.

With the RIBBA frame the back hook is inset by a full inch. None of the hooks in the picture hook set look like they can reach that far. For both the RIBBA frame and the KNOPPÄNG frames the back hooks are narrow such that they don't appear to fit the hooks that came with the hook set.

Hej! The hook that comes with the FIXA picture hook set should be compatible with both the RIBBA and KNOPPÄNG frames. However, I understand that it might be complex to mount, so I suggest opting for the ALFTA adhesive hook for frame. You can also visit your local hardware store to find other hooks compatible with the selected frames. Tack!

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