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Can’t find the product you’re looking for? Introducing IKEA’s image search tool

We’ve all been there: you need to find a product online, but you’ve got no idea what it’s called and not a clue where to start looking for it.

In fact,  @SeanyJ brought this problem to the Community recently. SeanyJ needed the name of an IKEA shelf, and luckily  @FJÄLLBO was here to help. Cheers to you, Fjällbo.

SeanyJ’s problem was solved. SeanyJ, we hope you and your SEKTION (Wall cabinet) cabinets enjoy your happy ever after.

But there’s not always a Fjällbo around to save the day, so we’re going to show you how to find the name of any IKEA products you might have (and how to recreate any looks you see out and about!).

We’re talking about IKEA’s image search tool. It lives in IKEA’s homepage search bar, and it looks like this:


We made it so we can find what you’re looking for, even when you don’t have the words to describe it.

All you have to do? Click the camera and upload a photograph of something you like. The rest is magic. Not really, but it feels a bit like that. 

Here’s where we think the tool might come in handy for you:


1. You see an IKEA product you love

Wherever you are, if you see an IKEA product you like, snap a picture of it! When you get the chance, upload your photo to our search bar.

We’ll show you what product you’re looking at, and other ones like it. That way, you always end up with the product that’s right for you.

437553fc39908720ff73f9dcbf506e2e.png  b18555f2a8e23553a83f3614d28e1ce9.png


2. You want to recreate a look you see out and about

Our camera tool doesn’t just recognize photos of IKEA products.

When you upload a picture of any furniture, we’ll instantly show you a list of IKEA products that match the look and feel of the ones in your photo. So you can recreate it today.

68ebb917c44e18a642f1917d9d63c2ed.png  a13e29c574fbefd786153e47cc8e3292.png


3. You need a missing part, but don’t know your product’s name

If you ever find that you’re missing a small part of an IKEA product you can’t remember the name of: firstly, you’re telling us you can’t remember the 4 syllable Swedish word you spent a few seconds looking at before buying your product? Shame on you.

Secondly, that’s fine. You can use our photo searching tool to identify it. From there, you can find all the part numbers in the online assembly manual.


It’s that simple.

Whenever you’d like to give our image search tool a try, it’s right here.

Quick note from us: if you’re uploading a photo of an item you know is IKEA, but you’re not getting a match, it might be because the product you’re looking for has been discontinued. Sorry about that.

If that’s the case, but you’d still like to know the name of it, don’t worry. What you’ll want to do is take the picture you uploaded into our IKEA image search tool, and put it into Google reverse image search. You should find its name there.

But we hope it doesn’t come to that, and all your hopes and dreams are in stock at IKEA.

Have fun with this tool! It’s a good one.


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