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BYGGLEK LEGO Boxes Missing Windows

New Contributor
I'm very upset that IKEA no longer includes the windows in the BYGGLEK lego boxes, and there is no way to buy them separately without buying the 201-piece set.
They used to be included. Why are they no longer??
Does anybody know where to get them separately?


Hej Russ,

Thanks for getting in touch with us about this. We sincerely apologize for the issues you’ve been facing with this product.

To source the window pieces from an IKEA product, we can only recommend purchasing what we currently have available. However, we would also like to let you know about BrickLink - an after-market LEGO website where you can buy specific LEGO pieces. There should be some there for sale if you just wanted to buy those without buying a whole set!

We hope this helps.

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