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Brimnes TV Stand Drawer wont close final 2 inches

I just built the Brimnes TV stand and omthe centre drawer won't close all the way.  It's not the drawer as we can move the drawers to either outside slot and they slide in just fine, it's the center we're having issues with.  It goes in the slots, and rolls back but jams 2 inches from closing.  


We've switched around both the tracks to see if that helps but it doesn't.  We noticed the tracks in the center seem a bit scratched so maybe it's a tighter squeeze somehow?  

The image attached shows the few inches from pushed in the drawer goes. 

Any advice on what we should try?


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Hello  @ascott, thank you for reaching out and letting us know. We're very sorry about that. We strongly recommend placing a free replacement order for new rails through this link on our website. You just need to enter the part number for the rails and then your contact information. We hope this helps. 

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