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Billy Bookcase Doors

Can you use two Billy Oxberg Doors on one Billy Bookcase?  Meaning, I want privacy so I wanted to attach two doors so that there is no view for what is behind.  Is it possible?  And has anybody tried it?

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Great question! We’d recommend searching BILLY/OXBERG on our website for some examples of BILLY bookcases with two doors.

We hope this helps!

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New Contributor

If you are talking about 2 doors one above the other on the same side. The simple answer is no they won’t work. There is not enough adjustment available in the hinges. The doors jam on one another. If you drill a new set of holes in the top or bottom of the bookcase you can add clearance so the upper and lower doors don’t scrape. I also found the hinges won’t let you centre the door on the narrow Billy cabinet.